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    When you buy rice, don't buy it

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                       . It contains 6.7 G protein (protein food), 0.9 g fat, 77.6 g carbohydrate, 0.3 g crude fiber, 7 mg calcium (calcium food), 136 mg phosphorus, 2.3 mg iron (iron food) and vitamin B1 16 mg, vitamin (vitamin food) B2 0.05 mg, nicotinic acid 1 mg, methionine 125 mg, valine 394 mg, leucine 610 mg, isoleucine 251 mg, threonine 280 mg, phenylalanine 394 mg, tryptophan 122 mg, lysine 255 mg and other nutrients.

       when we go to buy rice, we must pay attention to it. Now, many businesses will sell old rice as fresh rice in order to pursue interests. Today, I will teach you how to identify it.

       although it is said that eating old rice is not harmful, it is not good at all, because rice contains fat, protein and starch, which will be affected by the storage time. Moreover, as time goes on, the quality of rice declines. The viscosity and texture of cooked rice are not as good as before, and the flavor of rice is gone.

       so how do we identify it. The method is simple

       we just need a paper towel, put the rice in it and hold it tightly for more than ten seconds.

    After more than ten seconds, we open the paper towel and have a look. If there are spots of oil stains, or light yellow oil stains, we are likely to encounter old rice.

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