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    Taste of heaven: rice of grains

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                        . For example, the saying that food is the most important thing for the people, literally, seems to mean that eating is the top priority of the people. This is a well-known truth, and the meaning beyond the word needs careful consideration. There is a kind of inherent logic between characters, which is easy to be ignored by users. Just like rice, the difference between size is not only the difference of volume. Compared with millet, the difference between rice and millet is a relationship of yin and Yang

       big rice grain is big, small rice grain is small;

    Millet is yellow and rice is white;

    Millet is like the earth and rice is like the sky;

    Millet is called millet and rice is called rice;

    Millet is like egg yolk, rice is like egg white.

       millet is Yin in Yang, rice is in Yang in Yin.


                           . The sky is bigger than the earth, and the rice is bigger than millet.

    Rice is fine grain, millet is coarse grain. The thickness of millet rice can be understood as: heavy turbidity for the ground, light for the sky. Millet rice mixture is Tiantai, dry rice is two rice, porridge is two rice porridge. Rice is thick and rich in plant protein, and can be used as glue. Millet porridge soup is clear and thin, but the taste is pure and thick, which is more delicious than rice porridge.

    There are two varieties of rice, one is called indica rice and the other is japonica rice. Usually, indica rice is planted in the South and japonica rice is planted in the north《 "Treatise on Febrile Diseases" Guizhi soup after taking porridge, is the porridge cooked with japonica rice, white tiger soup is also used in japonica rice, take is the glutinous body fluid in japonica rice. Northerners are used to eating japonica rice with long cold tolerance and long growth cycle, so they feel that the indica rice in the south is not delicious. It is no wonder that indica rice has a short growth period, fast maturity, and is not easy to accumulate nutrients. Therefore, compared with japonica rice, indica rice has low nutritional value and relatively poor quality.

       just like vegetables and fruits, many foods nowadays emphasize the taste of childhood. Eat special delicious things will be unable to help but praise: and the taste of childhood! We can see that the taste of the thing has changed. What's the difference in childhood? It's the same thing. It's just native. It's not polluted by industrial pesticides, chemical fertilizers, herbicides and other additives. It's an old seed handed down from generation to generation. It's not a genetically modified plant that can't be planted.

                        . The seeds that can't be planted are false seeds. If the false seeds are not alive, they can't be regarded as food. Food is the most important thing for the people to absorb is the anger from the sky.

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