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    How to choose rice

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       domestic rice is mainly divided into indica rice and japonica rice, which can be simply summarized as "Southern indica rice and North Japonica Rice". In other words, the rice produced in the south is mainly long and slender grains. The rice is glutinous, soft and strong. The disadvantage is that the taste is rough and the rice is hard after cooling. Indica rice is usually made into various congee, seafood porridge, vegetable porridge, fried rice, seafood rice, etc; In the north, the main products are medium and long grains or small round grains. The rice is glutinous, strong and tasty, and does not return to life after it is cold. For the southerners, some of them are oily. Japonica rice is usually not matched with other food materials, and is made into white rice porridge or white rice. What you eat is the fragrance of Japonica rice.

       this is why Chinese people prefer rice from Northeast China. Among them, rice with 45 degrees north latitude is the best. Wuchang rice is one of the best. Its popularity can be seen only from its brand value of 67.07 billion yuan. So how do we choose good rice, especially good Wuchang rice?

    First, look at the instructions on the package

      1. Origin

       northeast rice mainly refers to Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning provinces (Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning), of which Heilongjiang rice is the best, of course, Wuchang rice is not mentioned.

    2. Rice seeds

       there are dozens of rice varieties in Northeast China. Among them, the most popular rice varieties are Daohuaxiang No.2 (scientific name: Wuyou rice No.4), Longyang series, Longdao series, Songjing series, Suijing series, Jite series, Dongnong series, etc. Among them, Daohuaxiang 2 is more popular.

       3. Executive Standards

      the national food standard for rice is GB / T 1354-2018 rice, and Wuchang rice is indeed a higher standard of GB / T 19266-2008 Wuchang rice

       4. Date of manufacture

       as soon as rice is produced, because of contact with the air, the slow oxidation process begins. The starch, fat and protein in rice will change in a variety of ways, which will make the rice lose its original color, aroma and taste, and the nutritional components and edible quality will begin to decline, and even produce toxic and harmful substances. So try to choose just produced rice, according to the fresh period of "fresh rice", eat it in 45 days.

    Second, the appearance of rice

       1. Guanmi type

                       . The method to identify Daohuaxiang No.2 rice is to pay attention to the size of the rice grain. Daohuaxiang is about 6 mm long, 2.5 mm wide and 1.8 mm thick. The error of up and down will not exceed 0.5 mm. The length width ratio of Daohuaxiang rice is about 2.5.

    Watch Beige

    Except for white (transparent or translucent), there are no yellow, red, black and other heterochromatic particles. Daohuaxiang rice * is light gray white, translucent, rather than crystal clear white. At the same time, most Daohuaxiang rice grains have opaque white (abdominal white) in the middle.

    Third, smell the rice

                       . If there is stale taste, it means that the rice is not good rice; If there is a strong fragrance, especially the taste of sticking to the hand for a long time, it shows that the rice is mostly mixed with essence; Daohuaxiang is a very light fragrance. It should be noted that rice fragrance will be emitted when cooking with Daohuaxiang, but there will be no rice fragrance after the rice is cooked.

      the above is for you to share the content, I hope to help you.

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