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    [rice supplier] what are the precautions for rice preservation

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        rice is one of the staple foods we often eat, and it is the main food to supplement our body in the daily lake. However, if the rice is not properly preserved, it is very easy to deteriorate, and it will also produce insects and molds. So how to prevent the rice from mildew and insects? The editor came up to answer for you.

       how to prevent rice mildew and insects?

    1. Prevention of pests and mildew of Zanthoxylum bungeanum

    Zanthoxylum bungeanum is a common seasoning in our daily life. It has strong fragrance and insect repellent effect. The appropriate amount of Zanthoxylum bungeanum can be put into the rice jar to prevent the rice from mildew and insects.

    2. Cold storage

        rice is easy to grow insects and molds in summer. To prevent rice from deteriorating, it can be stored in the refrigerator in cold storage, which is also a good method to prevent rice from insects and mildew.

       what are the precautions for rice preservation?

    1. Rice should not be stored directly in the kitchen. The kitchen generally has high temperature and humidity, and rice is more likely to deteriorate in the kitchen.

    Rice can not be put with high moisture food, such as fish, vegetables, because rice is easy to absorb water and easy to mildew.

    Rice stuffing is placed directly against the wall and the ground, which is easier to mildew and can be placed on the base plate.

    Can the rice with moldy insects still be eaten?

        rice can't be eaten if it's moldy;


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