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    Teach you a new way of rice. I can't imagine that rice can be so delicious

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    Ordinary rice is not very attractive to adults. What's more, the boring staple food will reduce the fun of eating for the baby. In order to make the baby have a happy and comfortable meal, mothers are really upset. Rice cake is one of the characteristics of China's traditional snacks, many places have their own special eating methods and taste, glutinous rice to do more contrast, of course, glutinous rice is not easy to digest, not very suitable for babies to eat, so we do not need glutinous rice to do, ordinary rice can.

                           . Milk and eggs are the same calcium supplement, high nutrition, so I tried to make milk rice cake with milk and rice. The taste of the cake is q-pop. As soon as the baby smells the fragrance, he will make a fuss to eat it. As a mother, it is really effective.

        if the milk allergy, you might as well change the milk into water, but the taste of rice cake is not as good as that of milk; Rice does not need fermentation, but it must be soaked first; In addition, the container recommended to use heat-resistant glass, plastic film to buy heat-resistant, worry about the health of the film might as well use tin foil instead.

    Please follow the proportion to do Oh, if it is not easy to master the quantity, please buy a food scale, which can be used in many hours, and you don't need to buy too expensive. It can be used for a long time; Juicer more play a while, play a little more fine, do out of the rice cake will be more soft oh.

       pay attention to the above points. It is very simple to do. It's good to add meals and snacks to your baby.

       planning ingredients: rice 150g, milk 150g


    Wash rice and soak for 3 hours;

        the rice is put into the juicer / cooking machine, and then the milk is added to make the paste

       plan a container, place a baking paper on the bottom of the container, brush a little oil on the inner wall of the container, and then demould the container

    Pour in the rice paste

    Cover the container with plastic wrap and make holes

    Steaming for 20 minutes


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