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    Are round rice and long rice just different in shape?

    Release time: 9:32:11, July 31, 2019      Hits: 943

      round rice and long rice are just different shapes? In fact, the difference is very big, don't buy it! We all know that no matter what kind of food to choose, there are always skills. Many people say that northerners love noodles, while southerners love rice. In fact, both southerners and northerners regard rice as their staple food. Therefore, it is very important to select rice with good taste and quality. Every time we go to the supermarket or the market to buy rice, we will find that there are many kinds of rice. Which kind of rice tastes good? Is the round full type more delicious, or is the slender type more delicious? Today we will talk about the techniques of selecting rice. Are round rice and long rice just different in shape? In fact, the difference is very big, don't buy it!

                              . As we all know, glutinous rice is mostly used for making wine or cakes. Let's talk about japonica rice and indica rice again. Compared with the two, japonica rice is relatively short and round, but this kind of rice is more sticky, that is, cooked rice will be more likely to stick together. However, indica rice is more inclined to slender rice grains. In contrast to japonica rice, indica rice is relatively loose and does not like to stick together, so if it is cooked rice, put more water.

       in fact, whether you choose round rice or slender rice, it depends on your taste. If you like to eat soft glutinous rice, choose japonica rice, if you like to eat loose, strong sense of grain to buy indica rice. Compared with the two, japonica rice is more suitable for porridge, while indica rice is more suitable for fried rice. Therefore, the two are not to say who is good or bad, but according to everyone's preferences and cooking needs to determine. When we buy rice, we still have a big puzzle: how to distinguish between new rice and old rice? Now let's talk about that.

       first of all, we need to compare the hardness of rice. Generally speaking, new rice is harder than old rice, because the protein content of new rice is higher than that of old rice, so it is harder. Compared with new rice, the luster of new rice is better and the taste is more fragrant. Therefore, if you can compare it when you buy rice, the surface of rice is gray and powdery, which is generally old rice. And generally new rice will bring a fragrance of rice, old rice will have a light musty smell, so you can smell more when you buy rice.

       that's all for today's rice picking skills. Generally speaking, whether it's round rice or long grain rice, there's a big difference in taste, so you can't buy it at random next time. Have you learned how to pick rice?

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