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    Do not eat rice that has been stored for too long

    Release time: 2018-3-22 16:18:53      Hits: 2447
        rice is a common staple food in the family, and it is indispensable for almost every meal in every family. Generally, family consumption is large. Therefore, many people will habitually store a lot of rice in order to reduce the trouble caused by regular purchase. However, it is also easy to store rice for too long, resulting in stale rice. Many people want to avoid waste, Even if the rice has a bad smell, it may be washed and continued to eat. Who knows, this has a great harm to health.

       as we all know, the fresher the food is, the better. The rice harvested in that year is naturally good and has been stored for a long time. Because of the improper storage method, the quality of rice may be reduced, not only the original color and fragrance are lost, but also the nutritional value will be greatly reduced. What's more, some rice may mildew and produce some harmful substances. In this case, in order to avoid waste and continue to eat, it is bound to bring harm to health, and the consequences are unimaginable.

       therefore, we must avoid the situation that the rice at home is stored for too long. For the rice with mildew and insects, it is better not to continue to eat in order to save money, or to throw it away.

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