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    Why do different kinds of rice taste different?

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       rice is a staple food that we often eat in our daily life. It has become the main food material on people's dinner table. However, it is not difficult to find that there are many kinds of rice, and the taste of different kinds of rice is different. This reminds us that we should learn to judge when choosing rice, so as to better choose their favorite taste. So, what makes rice taste different? The main influencing factors are as follows:

    1. Varieties.

       there are many kinds of rice, including japonica rice, indica rice and glutinous rice. In terms of viscosity, glutinous rice has stronger viscosity, indica rice is weaker, and japonica rice is in the middle. Of course, generally speaking, there are more people who like japonica rice because of its moderate viscosity.

    2. Planting area.


    3. Processing method.

       there are many processing methods, processing to different degrees will greatly affect the taste of rice, generally speaking, the processing is rough, often taste poor, but the nutritional value is higher. In addition, the drying degree of rice will directly affect the taste of rice. The sudden rise and fall of temperature will increase the crack of rice. When cooking, the rice will break and affect the taste.

    4. Storage and transportation process.

        rice can keep fresh at low temperature. At present, many advanced methods are to build a room type thermal insulation warehouse in the factory to stack rice and store the rice. The processed rice is delivered by low-temperature truck, so that the rice is always in a low-temperature environment before entering the sales link.


        the freshness of rice is an important factor affecting the taste of rice. The longer the rice is stored, the worse the taste is. I believe we all understand it without saying much.

       the above points are important factors affecting the taste of rice, hoping to give you a better understanding of rice, have more help.

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