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    There are four ways to make rice fragrant

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    Rice is cooked and eaten every day. However, different people may cook different kinds of rice. Don't underestimate cooking. Many people think it is simple. You can add rice to water, but you don't know that cooking rice is also very particular. If you want to cook rice well, you should pay attention to it, Suqian rice factory We still need to learn the following tips.

    Tips for better cooking:

    1. Taomi.

        take simple rice for example. It is not that the more times you wash, the better. You should know that more than three times, many nutrients in rice will be washed away, resulting in a large amount of nutrient loss. In this way, the steamed rice is inevitably not fragrant and tastes bad. Therefore, washing rice should not be more than 3 times, otherwise it will not only waste water, but also lose a lot of nutrition.

    2. Bubble rice.

       soaking this process is indispensable. By soaking in cold water for 1 hour, the rice grains can fully absorb water, and the steamed rice grains are full and more fragrant.

      3, the ratio of water to rice.

    The ratio of rice to water is also the key point to be mastered when cooking. If more water is put in, the rice will be sticky, but if the water is less, the rice will be dry. The appropriate ratio is that the ratio of rice to water should be controlled at 1:1.2. Simply put, put the rice into the rice water with the index finger, as long as the water exceeds the rice and there is a joint of the index finger.


        especially the rice cooked with old rice, we should pay more attention to increase the flavor, which can improve the taste. We may as well put a small amount of refined salt or peanut oil in the pot. Of course, the peanut oil should be cooked and air cooled, so that the cooked rice will be very fragrant.

       the above are several cooking skills, which are the most important to improve the taste of rice, but also the key to grasp the nutrition of rice. I hope everyone can learn about it, so as to better ensure that the rice is cooked delicious and nutritious.

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